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  1. Rudolf IV., Called the Founder, Duke of Austria of the Habsburg family, was the eldest son of Duke Albrecht II. and Ivana Pfirtske. He was married to Catherine of Luxembourg, daughter of Emperor Charles IV. After his father’s death in 1358, he became Duke of Austria. In his endeavors, Rudolf IV. in 1359 he began the construction of the Cathedral of St. Štefan in Vienna, in 1965 he founded the University of Vienna, and on April 7, 1365, a charter was signed in Vienna, which is considered to be the founding charter of Novo mesto. Along the Krka, a town was founded by the founder Rudolf IV. The Habsburgs named Rudolphswerth after themselves, and the inhabitants, especially the surrounding ones, already named it after their own – Novo mesto.
  2. Jurij Slatkonja was the second Provost of Novo mesto and the first Bishop of Vienna. In 1498 he founded the Chapel Boys ‘Choir, later the famous Viennese Boys’ Choir.
  3. With Julius Meinl coffee, we brought Viennese café culture to Novo mesto. In the past, Viennese café culture played an important role in shaping the culture of Vienna in general. Today, this unique phenomenon is known all over the world and attracts many visitors from both abroad and locals.

What is it that makes the Viennese café really stand out in addition to the excellent coffee offer?

The answer to this question is very simple. It stands out because social life takes place in it. The Vienna Café is a place where individuals get together to talk about their dreams, to share ideas with each other, to compose masterpieces, or to simply sit and watch in peace as a colorful life unfolds before their eyes. With just one cup of coffee, traditionally served on a silver tray with a glass of water, a visit to the cafe can take hours and hours without ordering anything else at all. You can feel at home in a Viennese café. And it is in such a stunning space, full of history, emotions and life, that poetry comes to life.

With the café in the Hotel Center, we brought Viennese café culture to Novo mesto, as we have arranged the café space in such a way that, despite being in the city center, you will feel relaxed and beautiful in our café, surrounded by the peace of old Novo mesto architecture and that the intoxicating scent of the best coffee blend from the Julius Mainl roastery from Vienna will take you on a journey of exotic aromas and experiences.

With the careful and varied organization of café evenings, the organization of morning coffees with famous guests, the sounds of pleasant ambient music, and a varied selection of newspapers and magazines, we make sure that our café is always pleasant and interesting.

At Julius Meinl, they devote a lot of time and effort to ensuring the top quality of the coffees that we will serve in the Center Hotel café.

Cup of coffee

“I heard quiet footsteps on the stairs. The mother came; her feet were slow and secure, carrying a cup of coffee in her hand. Now I remember she was never as beautiful as she was at that moment. Through the door shone a slanting beam of the midday sun, straight into the mother’s eyes; they were greater and purer, all the light of heaven reflected from them, all the heavenly gentleness and love. Her lips smiled like a child bringing a happy gift. “

Excerpt from the line: A cup of coffee Ivan Cankar

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