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It is possible to go rafting down the River Krka from Zagradec to Šmihel (6 km) or to Žužemberk (12 km). Rafting on the River Krka is not too demanding and is available to anyone who is healthy and able to swim. The Krka River Valley, with its inseparable intertwining of natural and cultural heritage, represents a unique symbol of Dolenjska. The rich heritage of the former mills and sawmills, well-preserved wooden bridges, castles and small towns and villages along the banks, as well as the naturally preserved river, which gives shelter to numerous plant and animal species will surely leave a lasting impression while a trip down the River Krka will be an unforgettable experience as well.

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The Gače ski center lies in unspoiled nature near Novo mesto and Semič and spreads over the areas of Dolenjska, Bela krajina and Suha krajina. It lies below the Pogorelec peak at an altitude of 965 meters. It is the only major ski resort in this region and a popular lookout and excursion point for the people of Dolenjska and Bela krajina. The ski resorts, which are intended for both recreational skiers and competitors, offer excellent skiing and a beautiful view over Dolenjska and Bela krajina.

There is no lack of beautiful cross-country and toboggan runs on the ski slope, and the large, varied terrains are also suitable for carving skiing. The ski resort has the possibility of a super-giant slalom on a 2,800-meter-long route with a height difference of 550 meters and extremely good conditions for the development of night skiing. The ski resort has a three-seater chairlift and 5 ski lifts with a capacity of 5,400 skiers per hour.

Altitude: 700 – 965 m; area: 45 ha.


With its rich water resources, Dolenjska is a paradise for fishing and sport fishing enthusiasts. The Novo mesto Fishing Club looks after the protection of the environment and 350 hectares of fishing grounds. The Žužemberk-Novo mesto fishing district comprises the River Krka from Zagradec to Mršeča vas (59 km) with all its tributaries – the most important one for fishermen is Radeščica – and Temenica from Veliki Gaber to its estuary and two ponds: Blato near Trebnje and Vodranci near Otočec.

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A guided tour on the River Krka with a stand up paddle board or seayak:

A guided tour on the River Krka with a stand up paddle board or seayak:
B: A turnaround for a two-hour tour on the River Krka with a stand up paddle board
C: A turnaround for a two-hour tour on the River Krka with a seayak

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Novo Mesto and the surrounding area has 8 riding trails with a total length of 327 km. Riders can visit the Kočevje area and travel down to the Kostel Castle. They can ride across the foothills of Bela Krajina to the top of the Gorjanci hills, then descend past hay fields to Pleterje and the local thermal springs, peek into the mysterious Radulja valley and enjoy a quiet ride past the “sleeping beauty” (the Mirna castle) to Suha krajina and the valley of the River Krka..

Golf Otočec - Kaj početi - Hotel Center


We invite you to play on one of the longest Slovenian golf courses – whether you are a professional or an amateur player, and even if you have never played golf before. The course, which bears the signature of the renowned British architect Howard Swan, is spread out over 75 hectares and has 18 holes with compelling challenges; the longest hole is 568 metres. In addition to the golf course, there is a practice facility, and golf lessons are also available. Play the game, have fun in Otočec.

Tehnical specifications:

  • number of holes: 18
  • land: 75 ha
  • total length (back / white / pro): 6,189 m
  • longest hole: 568 m
  • shortest hole: 138 m
  • number of sand barriers: 49
  • number of water barriers: 3

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Naturally, the king of Slovenian forests is the brown bear. Because of all this pristine nature that surrounds us, the area is undoubtedly a very popular stamping ground for the brown bear. Seeing this formidable animal in person is quite a thrill. As of 2015, it is possible to observe the brown bear in its natural habitat in Loški potok. The local hunters will take you to their favourite hunting stand that can hold up to 6 people.

Have you lost touch with the countryside because of city life?
Do you love nature and are active in it?
Are you curious and exploratory at heart?
Do you take the countryside as an undiscovered specialty?
Want to discover something wild?

If you answered yes to at least a few questions, then this is for you!
We are happy to arrange this unforgettable experience for you!

Watch out, the furry one is going!

The brown bear is one of the largest carnivores in Europe. Meeting an animal in its natural habitat is certainly an unforgettable, remarkable experience. It evokes special feelings of merging with nature in humans and creates a positive attitude towards the bear. An experienced guide accompanies you to and from the yard. In case you do not see the bear, we offer you a second visit to the observatory free of charge:

  • observation time: 1x a day, in the evening at dusk, 4 hours
  • observatory accommodates 5 people (+ hunter)
  • the minimum number of participants is 2 people

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Treat yourself to an interesting adventure and test your skills on the adventure trail that passes through the forest, but not over the ground! The trail makes it possible to experience the world from a completely different perspective. This activity is suitable for different age groups and skill levels because the park consists of 4 different trails with 46 climbing adventures. Each person can choose their own difficulty level, which can be tackled in two to three hours. All the trails are adapted to the natural position of trees, so every trail is unique.

Otočec Adventure Park is intended for fun and imaginative spending of free time in nature. As both children and adults have great fun in it, the visit is an experience for the whole family

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Anyone who wants to see the beautiful town of Novo Mesto and the river that envelops it from a bird’s eye view, can only do so from an airplane. Luckily, the town has an airfield located in Prečna, which offers scenic flights. You can fly up in a motor plane for shorter or longer scenic flights. Looking at Novo Mesto, the River Krka, hills planted with vines and the wooded Gorjanci hills from an aircraft is a beautiful experience. The more courageous ones and those with appropriate skills can also opt for a parachute jump and flying in a glider. Upon request, the pilots from Prečna can fly you over Triglav or Piran.

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